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Need Residential Foundation Repair or Concrete Leveling?

Don’t trust your foundation to just anyone. Go with the experts!

At Mega Lift Foundation we work with homeowners for your foundation repair, leveling and tunneling needs. With three generations of foundation repair knowledge, it is no wonder we are the #1 foundation repair company. Our experts take the time to explain in detail the process we use to install your new foundation and what you can expect. We are so confident in our process and repairs our services come with a life-time warranty, so if there are any issues with your foundation after repairs it is on us. We service many locations in Texas including the cities and surrounding areas of Houston, San Antonio & Austin.

Mega Lift Foundation offers pier and beam repairs that can help maintain and preserve your foundation. We will enter the crawlspace under your house and replace the damaged foundation pieces with new materials. These strong and long lasting materials help you save money in the long run, and our foundation repair knowledge gives us the ability to offer affordable pricing with your time and safety in mind. We will come to your home and assess the damages, then walk you through the best way to repair your foundation from a reputable company that won’t damage your home’s structural integrity. A written estimate will be given to you at the time of inspection.

There are many advantages to having a pier and beam foundation: your home will be more energy efficient, repairs to either the foundation or underground plumbing are easily accessible, and it offers more comfortable living space. Pier and beam foundations tend to last longer and can maintain low repair costs.

Common signs of foundation problems include cracks in sheetrock and flooring, sticking doors, cracks in the exterior brick, loose tile, trim separation, and gaps around window frames and garage doors. If your home or building is experiencing any of these signs, you may be in need of foundation repair. Generally, the longer the problem exists the more expensive the repairs will become. Our knowledgeable consultant can determine which pier is right for your home and walk you through the process.

Some signs you may need Foundation Repairs:

  • Baseboards are not touching the Floor
  • Cracks in the sheetrock
  • Moist floors
  • Shaky floors
  • Sticky Doors

If your home is experiencing these problems it is important that you have a reputable foundation repair company that has the experience to properly repair your foundation to “good-as-new” condition.

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